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Many fans of Murder, She Wrote love the episodes that take place in Cabot Cove best. But although the Cabot Cove episodes are quite memorable, there actually aren’t as many of them as people think there are.

Below, I have put together a list of all the Cabot Cove episodes that aired, according to season and episode number. If I have written about the episode, I include a link to that episode summary. [Click here if you’d rather see a complete list of all Murder, She Wrote episodes.]

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List of Cabot Cove episodes

First, although the main murder featured in the pilot episode “The Death of Sherlock Holmes” does not take place in Cabot Cove, there are several scenes that do take place in and around Jessica’s house.

Season 1

  • Episode 1: Deadly Lady
  • Episode 6: Hit, Run and Homicide
  • Episode 8: Death Takes a Curtain Call
    • while the murder itself doesn’t take place in Cabot Cove, the majority of the episode’s events take place there
  • Episode 18: Murder Takes the Bus
    • (technically takes place just outside of Cabot Cove, but features Sheriff Amos Tupper)

Although no other murders take place in or near Cabot Cove in this season, there are many episodes that feature at least some scenes in Jessica’s house. For example, Ep.3 “Hooray for Homicide”, Ep.10 “Capitol Offense”, Ep.11 “Broadway Malady”, and Ep.15 “Tough Guys Don’t Die”.

Season 2

  • Episode 2: Joshua Peabody Died Here… Possibly
  • Episode 7: A Lady in the Lake
    • (technically takes place outside of Cabot Cove, but features Sheriff Amos Tupper and other Cabot Cove regulars)
  • Episode 10: Sticks and Stones
  • Episode 14: Keep the Home Fries Burning
  • Episode 18: If a Body Meet a Body

Season 3

  • Episode 3: Unfinished Business
    • (technically takes place outside of Cabot Cove, but features Dr. Seth Hazlitt and other Cabot Cove regulars)
  • Episode 6: Dead Man’s Gold
  • Episode 9: Obituary for a Dead Anchor
  • Episode 13: Crossed Up
  • Episode 17: Simon Says, Color Me Dead

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6


Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

  • Episode 3: The Legacy of Borbey House
  • Episode 8: Love & Hate in Cabot Cove
  • Episode 14: Deadly Assets
  • Episode 18: The Trouble with Seth
  • Episode 21: Wheel of Death

Season 11

  • Episode 3: To Kill a Legend
  • Episode 9: Murder by Twos
  • Episode 18: The Dream Team
  • Episode 19: School for Murder
    • (Technically, the episode states that the school is on the outskirts of Cabot Cove. However, the school sign explicitly says it’s in Cabot Cove, Maine.)

Season 12

  • Episode 5: Home Care
  • Episode 14: Murder in Tempo
  • Episode 19: Evidence of Malice
  • Episode 21: Race to Death
  • Episode 22: What You Don’t Know Can Kill You


  1. Hello!
    i love love LOVE that you have a list of all cabot cove episodes. i have seen all the episodes up to season 11 episode 12. thats where i am now. i always go back and watch the cabot cove episodes. theres something about seth and amos and mort, etc… harry too, that particularly appeals to me. So thank you very much. My question is this, i do a lot of audible..and am just getting into the book series of MSW. and im wondering if you have a list of the “cabot cove” series for the books. Any help would be much appreciated. thank you very much.
    jason Buck

    also, i live in Maine and have my whole life! i grew up 30 minutes north of bangor in Howland…. and now live in bangor with my family, my 2 young daughters, 14 months and 5 years old. and every time that MSW intro song comes on, my 5 year old says…ughhhh NOT this show aggggain DAD!! ha
    again, thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! I don’t currently have a list of books set in Cabot Cove, but that’s a great idea for a future post! I’ll definitely get working on it soon 🙂


  2. Thanks this has helped with my poll I’m creating something similar for new beginners Catch up on 13 seasons of Murder she wrote with this list of all episodes that are key to the show’s major storylines. if you join jessica fletcher-murder she wrote on Facebook and vote it sure helps create this list unless you have a different way going about this. This is so far what I’ve gathered
    Msw guide must watch key guide episode

    Season 1

    Episode 0 The Murder of Sherlock Holme

    Episode 7 We’re Off to Kill the Wizard

    Episode 13 My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean

    Episode 18 Murder Takes the Bus

    Season 2

    Episode 1 Widow, Weep for Me

    Episode 2 Joshua Peabody Died Here… Possibly

    Episode 7 A Lady in the Lake

    Episode 10 Sticks and Stones

    Episode 14 Keep the Home Fries Burning

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’m part of the group and have already seen your poll, but I must admit it’s hard for me to choose the “must-see” episodes.


  3. Just googled MSW Cabot Cove episodes and this popped up near the top. I love the CC eps because of all the town regulars who appear. I know many CC eps were in fact filmed on location in Mendocino, CA. I especially like those because the location is so pretty and the setting is so comfy. I think at some point, they stopped going up there and maybe in the last four or five seasons they didn’t do anymore location shooting there, but I could be wrong. I don’t know when the last episode that was actually filmed there, but I’ve been through Mendocino a number of times, including about a year ago and it’s amazing how little has changed since the mid 1980s when they started shooting there. Most of the buildings and the downtown still looks the same as it did then. Thanks for creating this list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right. I recently did a rewatch of just the Cabot Cove episodes and the ones in later seasons are pretty much exclusively filmed on the outdoor set at Universal Studios. (Beyond just using some establishing shots.)


  4. This is so great and funny to see others that also love, and prefer the Cabot Cove episodes! We’re of the age where this was on when we were kids and teens so we don’t actually have anyone to talk to about this show (we started rewatching during quarantine of course). Gotta love the recurring secondary characters like Seth, Mort and even dumdum Amos lol, but also there’s just something about the idyllic small town Maine charm that is very pleasant and comforting (despite a per capita murder rate in line with a war zone 😂). Gonna have to take a road trip up to Mendocino to see the real Cabot Cove!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This list is incredibly helpful and useful. Thank you!

    The opening scene of Season 8, Episode 1, “Bite the Big Apple”, also takes place in Cabot Cove – it’s a very homely scene. Not sure if it counts.


    1. I initially created this page to keep track of Cabot Cove murders (since there’s often a lot of misinformation floating around regarding that). But because you’re not the only one who has asked me a bout episodes that feature scenes in Cabot Cove, I’ll definitely consider adding them to the list. It just might take me longer and will happen gradually rather than all at once as I’ll just add episodes to the list as I re-watch the show again from beginning to end.


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