Gifts for Murder, She Wrote Fans

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If you’re a big fan of Murder, She Wrote (and/or know someone who is), you might be on the lookout for some MSW-themed merchandise to treat yourself or that special someone. In the following page, I’ve highlighted some of the products that are out there. I have also created an Amazon Idea List to highlight various Murder, She Wrote products available to order there.

Murder, She Wrote DVDs

If you or the MSW fan in your life don’t already own the DVDs, I highly recommend you get them. They are your best bet if you want to be able to watch Murder, She Wrote whenever you want without worrying about possible changes to the TV programming schedule or changes to streaming availability.

With all 12 seasons included, it’s usually much much cheaper to buy the complete series boxed set than each season individually. Additionally, although the boxed set does not include the TV movie sequels, they are also available on DVD in a separate 4 movie collection.

Murder, She Wrote books

If you don’t already know that Murder, She Wrote has a long-standing series of spin-off novels, you can learn all about them in a separate page on this website. There are now over 50 books in the series, so I won’t mention them all here again; but I will highlight just a few:

Additionally, for those looking for a gift for the Christmas holidays, there are a few novels in the series that were set during the festive season:

Murder Never Takes a Holiday is a collection of two holiday-themed novels by Donald Bain: Manhattans & Murder and A Little Yuletide Murder

Besides the series of spin-off novels, there are several other books about Murder, She Wrote and its cast and crew that have been published over the years, which some fans may be interested in. I invite you to read my Murder, She Wrote Bibliography page to learn all about them. However, for the purposes of this gift guide, I wanted to highlight two recent publications:

Murder, She Wrote: By the Time You Read This I’ll Be Gone by Sephanie Kuehn was published on October 4th 2022. It is a Young Adult novel, featuring Jessica Fletcher’s 15 year old great-grand-niece named Bea.

Murder, She Cooked: A Cabot Cove Cookbook by Jenny Hammerton is a MSW-themed cookbook with recipes linked to the show’s stars.

Murder, She Wrote merch and fan art

There are many online vendors where independent artists can upload their fan art or original artwork and then sell it on T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, stickers, art prints, you name it! Evidently, many of these artists are fans of mysteries and Murder, She Wrote.

One such website is TeePublic, and I have compiled a curated list of designs into a Murder, She Wrote album on my TeePublic storefront so that fans can more easily browse relevant designs.

Other similar websites with MSW fan art include Redbubble, Society6, Etsy, and Amazon Marketplace.

I will, however, caution buyers about some of the rampant design theft that can happen on these sites (particularly on Redbubble and Amazon Marketplace). I’ve had my own designs taken and reuploaded by other people onto these sites; so if you want to make sure you are supporting an independent artist, take a moment to check their store bio and social media to make sure you’re buying the design from the person who created it. As someone who checks these websites often, I have gotten to know the names of original artists over the years and I try to make sure that the designs that I feature in my TeePublic storefront and any products I add to my Amazon Idea List are original.

I have also created some of my own Murder, She Wrote fan designs and uploaded them to TeePublic as well as my Redbubble shop.

Murder, She Wrote toys and games

I have already created a separate page profiling the various MSW-themed games that have been released over the years. Nonetheless, I thought I’d profile a few recently released products here:

Funko POP! has released a vinyl Jessica Fletcher figurine on May 16th 2020.

This page is updated periodically; last updated in November 2022. If you know of any cool MSW merch, let me know in the comments!


      MY name is Janette. Could you please tell me where you got the zippered tote from. And the purse hanging hooks from
      Thank you
      I also am a mad J.F. FAN


  1. HEY!! I found and bought the Funko pop! I love it. BUUUTTT I got this for Christmas!!

    And look at this Mac download app


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