Where to watch Murder, She Wrote

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I always tell fans that the complete series DVD boxed set is your best bet if you want to be able to watch Murder, She Wrote whenever you want. With all 12 seasons included, it’s usually much much cheaper to buy the boxed set than each season individually. Plus, it’s frequently on sale on Amazon. But even at full price, the 264 episodes included in the set come out to about 50 cents per episode, which (if you think about it) is a bargain. Note that the boxed set does not include the four TV movie sequels, but they are also available on DVD. In my opinion, if you own a physical copy of something, then you don’t have to worry about possible changes to the TV programming schedule or changes to streaming availability.

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Nonetheless, aside from the DVDs, you can find Murder, She Wrote on the following TV channels and streaming services:

North America


  • CoziTV (Weekdays 6am-9am, Saturdays 9am-12pm)
    • CoziTV is available over-the-air with an antenna. Click here to check which channel CoziTV airs on in your area.
    • If you’re not able to get CoziTV over-the-air in your area, it is also possible to get it as part of the YouTube TV internet streaming service.
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (Everyday 12am-4pm, and Weekdays 10am-1pm)
    • If you do not get this channel as part of your cable package, it is possible to get it if you subscribe to FrndlyTV or PhiloTV internet streaming services.
  • Amazon Prime Video has seasons 1-6 available via their Amazon FreeVee service in the US
  • Peacock TV is a new streaming service owned by NBC that launched in July 2020.
    • It has all the seasons/episodes of the show; MSW is currently only available via their premium subscription service. (It used to be available free with ads but as of September 2022 that is no longer the case.)


  • VisionTV (Weekdays 7pm ET/4pm PT)
    • VisionTV comes with most cable packages. Click here to check which channel VisionTV airs on in your area.
  • If you have a good antenna and live near the US border, you might also have some luck getting CoziTV over-the-air.
  • (Note: As of January 1st 2022, Amazon Prime Video no longer has the show available for streaming in Canada.)



  • 5USA (Weekdays 9:10am; and all day Saturday)
  • Great! TV (formerly the Sony Channel) (Weekdays 3pm-7pm; 10am-9pm Sundays)

Rest of Europe:

  • Germany: Sat1 Gold (German title: “Mord ist ihr hobby”) — It appears that the show last aired in March 2021, but there are lots of other mystery shows airing on that channel and perhaps they will eventually bring it back.
  • France: TV Breizh (French title: “Arabesque”)
  • Ireland: TG4 (Weekdays 1:10pm and Saturdays at noon)
  • Italy: Rete4 (Italian title: “La signora in giallo”)
  • Italy: FoxCrime (Italian title: “La signora in giallo”)
  • Netherlands: RTL 8 (Weekdays 19:30, English audio with Dutch subtitles)
  • Poland: TVS (Polish title: “Napisała: Morderstwo”)
  • Portugal: FoxCrime (Portuguese title: “Crime, disse ela”)


  • Fox Sleuth channel via Foxtel
  • 9Gem airs an episode every weekday at 5:30pm.
    • Its umbrella website 9now allows you to stream a few of the episodes that recently aired.

If you spot any errors or omissions in the list above, please let me know in the comments!

[The information above was most recently updated on October 11th, 2022.]


  1. Cozi TV now transmitting in an unwatchable narrow screen ratio in US, Cox cable. Image looks squeezed up in all channels over 800. This started September 15 2021, and Cox unable to give a reason why. Hallmark has no MSW right now, Nov 2021, Christmas movies round the clock. Miss Jessica!


    1. Thanks for letting me know! I’m going to leave it up because I know Hallmark will eventually bring Jessica back after Christmas. But that’s a shame that the quality on Cozi is so bad.


  2. As of January 1, 2021, Murder She Wrote is no longer on Amazon Prime Video in Canada. Vision TV is the only place to watch, and that’s not on demand. Back to the DVD set!


  3. Peacock no longer has MSW for free (as of sometime in the last week I think – around Sept 16?), but you can see it on Amazon’s Freeverse (with commercials) for free now. Somehow my AppleTV knew this and switched me over and at the right episode? Confusing. Anyway, I hope it sticks around as I just finished S5E5 and have a long way to go!

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