Murder, She Wrote 5.13 “Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble”

Cabot Cove locals can’t believe their eyes when it looks like Patience Terhune, a suspected witch who was burned at the stake 300 years ago, may be back in town. But could her ghost be responsible for the latest murder?

Just the facts ma’am:

Spoilers are in white font, so highlight the text below to reveal the answers.

  • The victim was… an actress pretending to be the witch’s descendant, Irene Terhune!
  • killed by… her “sister’s” fiance!
  • in… the ancestral home but moved to a barn!
  • with… blunt force trauma to the head with a hammer!
  • because… she could have claimed her “sister’s” inheritance!
  • vital clues: blue paint.

Cast of characters:

As this is a Cabot Cove episode, we have:

  • William Windom as Dr. Setch Hazlitt
  • Ron Masak as Sheriff Mort Metzger
  • Will Nye as Deputy Floyd

The mystery revolves around Patience Terhune:

  • Dee Wallace Stone plays Mildred Terhune, Patience Terhune’s descendant
  • Christopher Stone plays Adam Frobisher, Mildred’s fiance
  • Juli Donald plays Irene Terhune, Mildred’s younger sister
  • Roddy McDowall plays Gordon Fairchild, who is publishing a book about Patience Terhune
  • Bill Maher plays Rick Rivers, Gordon’s media consultant

Cabot Cove locals include:

  • John J. York as Jonas Holt, a young cab driver smitten with Irene Terhune
  • Russel Nype as Rev. Henry Fordyce
  • Patience Cleveland as Harriet, organizer of the local bring-your-own-casserole party
  • Colin Campbell as Simon, owner of a barn that burned down with the “witch” inside
  • Pat Crawford Brown as Woman
  • John Bryant as Man
  • Sally Hughes is credited as “Dora”, but I’m not sure what character she’s supposed to be

Outsiders include:

  • Brad Dourif plays Dr. Warren Overman, an exorcist called in by Rev. Fordyce
  • Bruce Gray as R. L. Pierson, an attorney from Boston who arrived to deliver Mildred’s inheritance from her uncle
  • Howard Schechter as Charlie, a Boston reporter
  • Jane Marla Robbins as TV Reporter

Final thoughts

The set that stands in for the Terhune family home has been reused multiple times throughout the show.


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