Mendocino as Cabot Cove in “If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Beverly”

View south down Lansing Street from Ukiah Street in Mendocino, California.

According to the monthly blogging schedule I set for myself, now would be the time for me to post about the mystery movies or TV series that I watched recently as part of my “Mystery Viewing Log”.  However, as I mentioned in my reading log from last week, I was too busy with work to do much in terms of entertainment lately. Plus, with the upcoming holidays, I was much more in the mood to watch Christmassy movies and TV shows.

Aside from an episode of Columbo, the only mystery thing that I have watched in the last few weeks has been, of course, Murder, She Wrote.  One of the episodes that I saw more recently was “If It’s Thursday, It Must Be BeverlyThis particular episode is special because, not only is it a Cabot Cove episode, it is one of a few episodes that was actually shot on location in Mendocino, California. (Thanks to @nomilubin on Twitter pointing this out to me.)

I was therefore inspired to take a moment and research the filming locations seen in that episode.

Corner of Lansing Street and Ukiah Street

Much of the action in this episode revolves around the corner of Lansing Street and Ukiah Street, where Loretta’s beauty parlor is shown to be located.


In the image above we see Loretta’s Beauty Parlor (top right) at the north east corner and the Cabot Cove Courthouse (top left) at the north west corner.  The building standing in for the Courthouse has an interesting history as an old Masonic Hall (see the Wikipedia article on it here).

Main Street and Kasten Street


Later on in the episode there is a scene where Amos, Jessica, and Seth are all walking through town.  In the picture above we see a shot of Main Street looking west, and the three of them passing by the building that’s right on the corner of Main Street and Kasten Street.KastenStreet1
The three of them then turn up Kasten street and meet with the mailman.  This scene takes place on Kasten Street, between Main Street and Albion Street.


On Kasten Street, across from where they meet the mailman, also happens to be the location of the Cabot Cove Travel Agency, seen above.

View from Eve Simpson’s back deck

We also get a great view of Cabot Cove (i.e. Mendocino) during the scene at Eve Simpson’s house.  It’s likely that Eve Simpson lives on Pine Street, just east of the Shoreline Highway.


In the picture above we can see the spire of the Mendocino Presbyterian Church near the top right, Mendo Realty in the red house visible right next to Eve’s face, and the Mendocino Garden Shop visible right by Eve’s hand.  All three of these places are located on Main Street.

The map marks the location of Loretta’s Beauty Parlor (A), the location of Cabot Cove Travel Agent (B), Eve Simpson’s house (C), Jessica Fletcher’s house (D), and the deputy’s house (E).

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