Books about Murder, She Wrote: A Bibliography

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Murder, She Wrote exists not only on screen but in print as well. Below is an overview of various MSW-related books that have been published throughout the years.

It goes from biographies of people involved in the show, to the MSW spin-off novel series, to the MSW novelizations, and finally miscellaneous MSW-related books.


If you are in love with the characters on the show, you may be interested in reading about the life of the actors that portrayed those characters.

There are also biographies of the writers and producers of the show that offer a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes.

Me and Murder, She Wrote by Peter S. Fischer (co-creator of MSW). Fischer has also published a series of Hollywood-inspired mystery novels.
Becoming Superman by J. Michael Straczynski (who joined the production crew of MSW for Season 8 and 9, and who was responsible for Jessica Fletcher’s move to New York City)
The Adventures of the REAL Tom Sawyer is a memoir from TV writer Tom Sawyer, who took over as showrunner from 1993-1996.

There are also additional books by or about Angela Lansbury specifically:

The Magic of Believing is a family memoir written by Angela’s brother Edgar Lansbury.
Positive Moves is Angela Lansbury’s “Personal Plan for Fitness and Well-Being”

Murder, She Wrote spin-off novels

Fans of the show may not be aware of the series of Murder, She Wrote spin-off novels that have been published. These are supposedly (co-)written by Jessica Fletcher, and feature more of her adventures along with other characters from the show. For more information on the spin-off novels, visit my “Murder, She Wrote Novels” page.

Murder, She Wrote novelizations

Prior to the spin-off series by Donald Bain, there was an attempt to publish novelizations of some of the early MSW episodes.

There were three such novelizations published in 1985, all written by James Anderson and based on episodes from Season 1.

A fourth one was published in 1986; this time, written by David Deutch.

  • Murder in Two Acts (based on “Sing a Song of Murder” and “Murder in the Afternoon” from Season 2)

The books are no longer in print, so they’re quite hard to find.

Murder, They Wrote short story collections

Shortly after the series ended, several short story collections were published using the Jessica Fletcher/Murder, She Wrote brand. These short story collections aren’t necessarily about Jessica Fletcher, but from what I can gather based on online reviews they are all stories written by women and about female protagonists. There were three such collections published:

  1. Murder, They Wrote (1997)
  2. Murder, They Wrote II (1998)
  3. More Murder, They Wrote (1999)

Miscellaneous Murder, She Wrote publications

Following the series finale in 1996, there was quite a large interest in documenting the series. Shortly after, in 1997, a couple series-related books appeared on store shelves.

The Murder She Wrote Cookbook, recipes from the cast and crew

If you know of any books related to Murder, She Wrote that are not currently listed above, let me know in the comments!


  1. There were also three short story anthologies titled “Murder, They Wrote”; they weren’t MSW stories, but were introduced by Jessica, and some of them played off MSW (e.g., one has a title that riffs on The Corpse Danced at Midnight; another has a character named J.B. Fletcher).

    The Internet Archive has the second one available to borrow as an eBook:


    1. Cool! Yes, I knew about them but didn’t get around to updating this page yet with that information. And I didn’t know the Internet Archive had a copy of one of them! That’s great to know because otherwise it’s a bit hard to find 🙂


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