Four year blog anniversary

As of August 2nd, it will be four years since I published my very first post on this blog. Each year, on the anniversary of my starting this blog, I like to take time to reflect on how the blog and website has grown.

Although the number of visits to the website hasn’t grown as exponentially as it had in the first few years, the website audience does continue to grow. In 2021, there was an average of approximately 8,000 monthly visitors and 16,000 monthly page views. So far this year, in 2022, there has been an average of approximately 12,000 monthly visitors and 24,000 monthly page views.

Much of the work I did on the website over the past year happened somewhat behind-the-scenes and involved updating old posts, particularly those relating to my TV Detective Database. However, I still published over 30 new thematic posts and pages. Those that I am particularly happy about include:

The latter series of posts was written to complement my YouTube channel, which I had started just last year. As I learned more about various detective shows that aired at the same time as Murder, She Wrote, I found that it was often difficult to find them or even to find reliable information about them. In some cases, I uploaded particularly difficult to find shows to my YouTube channel so that these shows would not be “lost”.

Aside from YouTube, the audience for my other social media accounts also continues to grow. I recently surpassed 1,900 Facebook followers and also recently surpassed 900 Twitter followers. And although I don’t have nearly as many Instagram followers, I’m starting to get into a better groove of posting there more regularly. Additionally, I’ve also continued to make more merch designs for detective show fans. I won’t profile them all here, but you can browse them on my TeePublic storefront or my Redbubble storefront (my artist name on both is “MysteryBuff”).

Looking ahead to the following year, my plan is to keep documenting more trivia pertaining to Murder, She Wrote. And while I expect that I’ll still occasionally write about other detective shows, my plan is to prioritize the Murder, She Wrote section of my website for the next few months. For instance, I expect that by the end of 2022 I will have reached the end of Season 10 for my Murder, She Wrote episode summaries. Additionally, I have a few ideas for blog posts about Murder, She Wrote games that I’m in the process of putting together and should be ready to publish soon.

Finally, I just wanted to end by mentioning my Ko-fi page, where readers can support this website by donating the price of a coffee. The money donated goes towards paying my web hosting fees and towards accessing software I use to create more content.

Buy Me a Coffee at

I am extremely grateful for the donations I have received so far, and anybody who donates this August will receive an email with a free downloadable as a thank-you from me at the end of the month. (The downloadable will likely be a Murder, She Wrote trivia-based crossword or word-search that I’ve been working on putting together.)

To anybody who reads this: thank you for being a blog reader and website visitor!

“Keep Calm and Call Jessica Fletcher” magnets available on TeePublic and other merch available on Redbubble.


  1. Thank you for all that you have shared with us on Murder, She Watched. I can’t tell you how valuable a resource this is for MSW fans. The Family Tree is amazing and we in FB groups wind up referring new people to it all the time. I downloaded it to my phone so I could refer to it. I have particularly enjoyed the posts about short-lived 80’s detective shows, and the ones with black actors, and will be forever grateful for the uploads on YouTube. I appreciate your mentioning actors and how often they appeared on MSW, and how/why the murder took place, some episodes are actually tricky to follow. I like trivia, many of us do, and games. Another thing I would be interested in is how many, and which, episodes feature one murder, two murders, or three (only a handful so far). I tried to tabulate this but gave up, I am not as organized as you are.
    Happy Anniversary and keep up all the great work!

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    1. That’s a great idea (regarding the number of murders) and something I’ve been wondering about myself. Definitely putting it on my to-write-about list 🙂


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