Murder, She Wrote: Trivia Log

I have been a huge fan of Murder, She Wrote for as long as I can remember.  I remember watching it during its original run, I definitely watched reruns of it in syndication after the show ended, and now I have the full series on DVD and I’m in the process of watching it for the second time.

Each time I watch it, I seem to ask myself the same three questions–questions that I am certain all Murder, She Wrote fans have also asked themselves:

  1. Just what is the murder rate of Cabot Cove? And are all these murders perpetrated by residents or is Cabot Cove simply a popular destination for murder?
  2. Just how many nieces/nephews/dear old friends can one woman have?
  3. Didn’t that actor already kill someone/die in a previous episode?

In this blog series I will focus on answering these questions, and highlighting other trivia I notice while watching each episode.  I will be starting with “Murder in a Minor Key”, the 14th episode of the 3rd season, because it happened to be the episode I was watching when I got the idea to start this blog.  It also happens to be the very first “bookend” episode of the series (where it’s meant to be a depiction of one of Jessica Fletcher’s novels).  From there on, I will post weekly about each subsequent episode in chronological order.

My plan is to do a recap at the end of each season, summarizing the recurring themes.

See you next week for the first episodic trivia summary!


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