Jessica Fletcher outside the continental USA

Those who follow me on Twitter already know that I host weekly Murder, She Wrote-themed tweet-alongs. For the past year, every Monday at 7pm ET, several of us virtually got together to watch the same episode at the same time and tweet our thoughts using the hashtag #MondaySheWrote. To begin with, I wanted to follow the theme of watching a different Cabot Cove episode each week, and tonight we will be watching the final Cabot Cove episode “What you don’t know can kill you” (S12E22).

My plan was to take a bit of a hiatus and resume the tweetalongs in the new year, but before that I wanted to plan out which episodes we’d be watching next. One theme that many people liked (and which I thought was particularly appropriate after having watched only Cabot Cove episodes for a year) involved focusing on those episodes where Jessica Fletcher is travelling. As she travels for most of the episodes, I wanted to narrow it down to only those that take place outside the continental USA. (I specifically wanted to be able to include Hawaii on the list.)

Check out my list of episodes below, which also specifies which country each takes place in.

Season 1

  • Ep.14: “My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean” — on a cruise ship in international waters
  • Ep.15: “Paint Me a Murder” — on an unnamed Mediterranean island belonging to a famous artist

Season 2

  • Ep.1: “Widow Weep for Me” — at a Caribbean resort
  • Ep.5: “Sing a Song of Murder” — England

Season 3

  • Ep.8: “Magnum on Ice” — Hawaii (non-continental US)
  • Ep.12: “Corpse Flew First Class — on an airplane headed to England

Season 4

  • Ep.1: “A Fashionable Way to Die” — France
  • Ep.3: “Witness for the Defense” — (Quebec) Canada
  • Ep.6: “It Runs in the Family” — England
  • Ep.20: “Showdown in Saskatchewan” — Canada

Season 5

  • Ep.14: “From Russia… With Blood” — Moscow, Russia

Season 6

  • Ep.1: “Appointment in Athens” — Greece
  • Ep.3: “The Grand Old Lady” — the crime happens on board a ship, but the investigation takes place in New York City harbor
  • Ep.7: “Night of the Tarantula” — Jamaica
  • Ep.22: “Sicilian Encounter” — Italy

Season 7

None of the episodes in Season 7 take place outside of continental USA.

Season 8

  • Ep.14: “The Monte Carlo Murders” — Monaco
  • Ep.15: “Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief” — England
  • Ep.19: “Day of the Dead” — Mexico

Season 9

  • Ep.1: “Murder in Milan” — Italy
  • Ep.4: “The Wind Around the Tower” — Ireland
  • Ep.20: “Ship of Thieves” — takes place on a cruise in international waters

Season 10

  • Ep.1: “A Death in Hong Kong” — Hong Kong (which was a British colony at the time)
  • Ep.7: “A Killing in Cork” — Ireland
  • Ep.11: “Norther Explosion” — Canada

Season 11

  • Ep.2: “Amsterdam Kill” — The Netherlands
  • Ep.4: “Death in Hawaii” — non-continental US
  • Ep.7: “Fatal Paradise” — Martinique
  • Ep.13: “Death ‘N Denial” — Egypt
  • Ep.14: “Murder in High ‘C'” — Italy
  • Ep.17: “Murder a la Mode” — France
  • Ep.20: “Another Killing in Cork” — Ireland

Season 12

  • Ep.6&7: “Nan’s Ghost” (parts 1 and 2) — Ireland
  • Ep.8: “Shooting in Rome” — Italy
  • Ep.12: “Kendo Killing” — Japan
  • Ep.20: “Southern Double-Cross” — Australia


The very last of the Murder, She Wrote movie sequels “The Celtic Riddle” also finds Jessica travelling abroad, specifically to Ireland.

If you notice any errors or omissions in the list above, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m from the Netherlands, so the Amsterdam episode was quite fun. It’s always funny to hear fake dutch in tv shows or movies haha! The actors spoke with a French accent when speaking English. Theodore Bikel did a great job on how dutch people pronounce English though!

    I just started season 12. Can’t wait for the Japan episode! I hope it’s fun 🙂

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