Murder, She Wrote at Christmas (and in Winter)

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If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for holiday-themed shows to watch this time of year. Although much of this website is devoted to Murder, She Wrote, I must admit that the show wasn’t really one to air holiday-themed episodes. Nonetheless, while most Murder, She Wrote episodes take place in warm climates and during warm seasons, there are a few that take place in wintery and snowy settings. Below, I profile a handful of episodes (and spin-off novels) that Murder, She Wrote fans can watch (and read) to get into the holiday spirit.

No Accounting for Murder

While re-watching the series, the first episode that I noticed featured snowy weather was Season 3 Episode 19 “No Accounting for Murder“. Set in New York, it follows yet another instance of Jessica Fletcher’s nephew Grady getting accused of murder.

The episode shows Grady walking the snowy and slushy streets of New York City, and Jessica all bundled up while walking through a New York City park.

Snow White, Blood Red

The snowiest episode in the entirety of Murder, She Wrote‘s run is Season 5 Episode 4 “Snow White, Blood Red“. Set in a ski lodge, the episode is also famous for having the highest number of murders!

In addition to solving a murder, Jessica Fletcher spends this episode skiing and rolling around in the snow during a snow storm.

From Russia With Blood

Season 5 brought us two wintery episodes, as episode 14 of that season “From Russia With Blood” finds Jessica Fletcher attending a conference in Moscow.

Jessica Fletcher spends much of that episode wearing a big furry hat.

A Christmas Secret

The only explicitly Christmas episode that Murder, She Wrote ever produced was Season 9 Episode 9 “A Christmas Secret”, which first aired on December 13th, 1992. The episode takes place in Cabot Cove and features many show regulars such as Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Mort Metzger. The solution to the mystery in the episode is also unique and notable for an episode that takes place in a town often called the fictional murder capital of the world.

Jessica Fletcher spends this episode helping organize a local pageant.

Murder, She Wrote Novels

There are as many Christmas and winter-themed Murder, She Wrote novels as there are episodes. Those who like to spend their holidays snuggled under a blanket and reading may like to check out the following:

Manhattans and Murder

The second of the Murder, She Wrote spin-off novels by Donald Bain, Manhattans and Murder finds Jessica Fletcher in New York City at Christmastime, promoting her latest book. The mystery starts when she spots a notorious Cabot Cove citizen dressed up as Santa Clause on the street of Manhattan.

Click here to read more about Manhattans and Murder.

A Little Yuletide Murder

The 11th spin off novel, A Little Yuletide Murder finds Jessica Fletcher in Cabot Cove investigating the murder of a man who played Santa Clause at the town’s Christmas Eve celebration.

Click here to read more about A Little Yuletide Murder.

Murder Never Takes A Holiday

If you’d prefer to purchase Manhattans and Murder and A Little Yuletide Murder as part of a double volume bundle, you can do so by purchasing Murder Never Takes A Holiday.

The Murder of Twelve

One of the more recent Murder, She Wrote spin-off novels, written by Jon Land, The Murder of Twelve finds Jessica Fletcher stuck at Cabot Cove’s Hill House Hotel during a blizzard. While this is not explicitly a Christmas episode, this winter-themed book is reminiscent of Agatha Christie-style cozy mysteries.

Murder In Season

Published just two weeks ago (November 24th 2020), Murder In Season finds Jessica Fletcher gearing up to spend Christmas in Cabot Cove and preparing for a visit from her nephew Grady.

In case you are looking for more gift ideas for the Murder, She Wrote fans in your life, check out the following:

I hope you enjoyed spending some time with Jessica Fletcher this Christmas. And if there are other Murder, She Wrote episodes that you always like to watch during the holidays, let me know in the comments!


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