Two year blog anniversary

I published my first post on this blog on August 2nd 2018. I had been watching a lot of Murder, She Wrote at the time (interspersed with some Magnum, P.I. and some Columbo for good measure) and I couldn’t stop thinking about the little things I noticed about each episode. From repeat characters and actors, to repeat themes and locations… I just had to start writing them down.

Beyond writing about Murder, She Wrote, I had a vague notion that I could also write about mysteries in general. It was my favourite genre to read and watch, so it seemed natural that I would write about more than just one mystery show. It wasn’t until late 2019 when the blog found its focus. I bought the domain name in September of that year, and I decided that I would focus my energies here on documenting other TV shows in particular. From following social media, I realized that there were a lot of websites devoted to mystery books, but none that I could find that were a good resource about mystery TV shows. (Although I must admit there are several excellent fan sites about specific series.)

At this point in time, the website’s goals are to become a resource on all things Murder, She Wrote, and a resource on mysteries on screen—particularly TV shows and book adaptations.

You can check out the Murder, She Wrote homepage, which will take you to all the resource pages I’ve created for that show. You can also check for any post flagged with the “Murder, She Wrote” or the “Murder, She Wrote Episode” category. To date, I have created trivia summaries for over four seasons-worth of episodes!

And if you’re interested in other mystery shows, you can check out the “Detective Show Chronology” landing page.

It’s encouraging to see so many Murder, She Wrote and mystery fans visiting the site and following along in my blogging adventures. Just last month the website attracted over 2000 unique visitors and almost 5000 page views! I hope to continue seeing you all visiting and commenting, and also interacting with me on facebook or twitter.

I have so many plans for this website, but I am just a one-woman show–everything you see posted on has been created by me: Joanna (a.k.a. “the mystery buff”). I would like to be able to spend more time expanding the site, but my day job(s) often get in the way. If you enjoy this website, consider making a small donation by buying me a coffee via Ko-Fi. Your donation would allow me to set aside more time to create more content on this website; and buying just three “coffees” would cover my web hosting fees for one month.

Buy Me a Coffee at

Cheers and thank you!

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