My Month in Mystery: May 2019

This past month has been a time for me to catch up on my blogging. At the beginning of the month, I submitted the final draft of my dissertation (I’m a PhD student), and so I’m currently in this blissful period of not having anything to do while my examining committee reads it over.

I have continued to make updates to my blog and the website. I’m up to Season 5 Episode 3 in my Murder, She Wrote trivia summaries (although I should be up to Episode 10). And I’ve spent some time making sure the website can be more easily navigated by including buttons at the bottom of every post to lead the reader back to the MSW homepage, or the list of episodes in a specific season, or the list of Cabot Cove episodes (if relevant).

I’ve also tried to be more engaging on social media. I polled my Facebook page followers, who indicated that they’d like to see more than just blog updates. So I’ve started incorporating posts featuring old magazine covers or fan art on days when there’s nothing blog-related to report.

On Twitter, I’ve been engaging more and more with livetweeting, but I have noticed that I’ve been losing followers shortly after taking part in some events — I guess the reason being that they’re seeing too many out-of-context tweets. So in addition to my main profile, I’ve set up one specifically for livetweeting. And following a livetweeting session, I try to draw attention to a particularly interesting mystery-related comment using my main Twitter profile.

Aside from website-specific things, I’ve continued with watching the series I had been watching in previous months: Diagnosis Murder (now finished season 3) and Miami Vice (almost through season 1). Notably, I’ve now watched all 5 episodes of the 1970s show, The Snoop Sisters, which is absolutely delightful. And, on the recommendation of Twitter user @TorchyBlaine, I have also watched Do Not Spindle, Fold, or Mutilate (which also features Helen Hayes and Midred Natwick) as well as Cactus Flower (which features the Casanova deputy from “If it’s Thursday it must be Beverly“).

I’m thankful that I have access to two large library systems (the Toronto Public Library and the University of Toronto Libraries) where I can easily borrow many mystery shows on DVD. Next month, I think I’ll try to make my way through the original Law & Order.

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