Murder, She Cooked: A Cabot Cove Cookbook

I wanted to take a bit of time this week on my blog to draw some attention to a new Murder, She Wrote-themed publication. Jenny Hammerton of the blog Silver Screen Suppers has been writing about movie and TV stars’ favourite recipes for a while now, and her most recent endeavour is titled Murder, She Cooked: A Cabot Cove Cookbook.

I recently got a digital sneak peek of some of the contents of the cookbook, courtesy of Jenny. And while I can’t comment on how the book physically looks like, I can say that the contents of the book include a “healthy helping” of recipes attributed to Angela Lansbury, plus dozens of recipes linked to the show’s many guest stars. The book is organized chronologically, with each recipe linked to a particular episode that features the actor that the recipe is attributed to. Personally, I think this is a fun way of organizing a cookbook, and I can imagine myself (during my next watch through of the show) trying out each recipe and watching the companion episode as I cook and/or eat.

As each recipe is linked to a particular episode, it is prefaced with some commentary from Jenny about the various food-related discussions that happen during the episode. Additionally, it is accompanied by commentary from one of the many test cooks (yours truly included) who tested out one or more of the recipes and gave their verdict. (Several years ago, in preparation for the book, Jenny hosted a virtual cook-along and you can read about my experiences as a participant here.)

The advertised official release date for the cookbook is September 30th, but it looks like you can already order it on Amazon as of Sept 17th. If you’re looking for more information about the book and the recipes, you can check out the Silver Screen Supper website, or sign up for Jenny’s Murder, She Cooked Monthly Mailouts.

The final thing to mention is that, to celebrate the launch of the cookbook, Jenny is also hosting a virtual live cook-along October 2nd 7pm-9pm BST. She will be making an “Angela Lansbury Date and Walnut Cake” and chatting with participants about Murder, She Wrote.  A Zoom link to the event will be included in her website newsletter on September 30th.

P.S. If, like me, you love all mystery shows, then you might also be interested in Jenny’s previous cookbook publication Cooking With Columbo: Suppers with the Shambling Sleuth.

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