Hawaiian Heat (1984 detective show)

By working on this blog and putting together my TV Detective Database, I have become particularly fascinated with detective shows that, for whatever reason, never stayed on TV screens for very long. Many of these short-lived detective shows have for the most part been forgotten; they are rarely found in syndication or on modern streaming services, and have never been released on home video. As a result, I had decided to devote some blog posts to profiling these short-lived series and compiling information about them for posterity.

My earlier blog post in this series was about the 1984-1986 TV show Crazy Like a Fox. In my post this week, I will be profiling another show that debuted in 1984: Hawaiian Heat.

The show focused on the adventures of two born and raised Chicago cops: Mac Riley (played by Robert Ginty) and Andy Senkowski (played by Jeff McCracken). In order to get away from the cold weather as well as their various personal and professional troubles, the two of them move to Hawaii. There, they join the Honolulu Police Department, working with their boss Taro Oshira (played by Mako) and their reluctant colleague Harker (played by Branscombe Richmond). They are sometimes assisted in their investigations by Irene Gorley, a helicopter pilot (played by Trancy Scoggins).

The cast of ‘Hawaiian Heat’ Top Row: Branscombe Richmond, Mako; Bottom row: Jeff McCracken, Tracy Scoggins, Robert Ginty. (The Murder, She Wrote fans that follow my blog might recognize Robert Ginty from the Season 7 episode “Moving Violation“.)

The show’s premiered on September 14, 1984; and only 10 episodes were produced in addition to the pilot movie before the series was ultimately cancelled.

There’s not much information about the show now. As far as I’ve been able to learn, it’s never been released on DVD and is not available for streaming. However, thanks to some intrepid fans, a few episodes of the show appear to have been preserved. You can find those episodes on my YouTube playlist. Below, I’ve reproduced a complete list of the episodes:

  • 0. “Pilot” Sept. 14, 1984 [available on YT]
  • 1. “Ice Cream Men” Sept. 21, 1984
  • 2. “Wave of Controversy” Sept. 28, 1984 [available on YT]
  • 3. “Inherited Trait” Oct. 12, 1984 [available on YT]
  • 4. “A Different Kind of Justice” Oct. 19, 1984
  • 5. “Missing in Hawaii” Oct. 26, 1984
  • 6. “Yankees vs. the Cubs” Nov. 2, 1984 [available on YT]
  • 7. “Ancient Fires” Nov. 9, 1984
  • 8. “Old Duded” Nov. 16, 1984
  • 9. “Andy’s Mom” Nov. 23, 1984 [available on YT]
  • 10. “Picture Imperfect” Dec. 21, 1984 [available on YT]

You can also watch the pilot movie below:

Some additional promotional images from the show are included in the gallery below:

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  1. This is fascinating and delightful. I missed this one even though I watched tv regularly then, and loved Riptide, which seems similar. I love all the Hawaii episodes of Charlie’s Angels, Love Boat etc. I will check your channel, how exciting!

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