Fall 2021 TV schedule for mystery lovers

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After putting together a list last week of new American detective shows that premiered or will premiere in 2021, I got to thinking about all the new shows (or new episodes of old shows) that will be premiering on network TV this fall. Although nowadays it’s so easy to watch TV shows on your own time (what with time shifting, DVRs and online streaming), there’s something comforting about settling down to tune in at a particular time.

For that reason, I made myself a little TV schedule, highlighting the mystery/detective/crime shows airing each day of the week, and thought that perhaps some of my blog readers would appreciate it if I shared it with them.

The schedule primarily lists American shows and indicates which network these air on. As I’m based in Canada, I also list Canadian shows, and also indicate which network airs each American show in Canada. In brackets, I have also indicated the date on which the first episode of the season will premiere.

As will probably become apparent as you browse through the schedule below, the majority of detective shows airing this fall are produced by CBS. Therefore, you may be interested in signing up for Paramount+ (the streaming service from CBS) in order to catch up and watch the shows on your own time. Click here to learn more about Paramount+.


The Equalizer on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (10/10)NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (10/10)

Killer Camp (game show) on The CW🇺🇸 (10/10)
SEAL Team on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (10/10)

The Rookie on ABC🇺🇸 / CTV🇨🇦 (9/26)


9-1-1 on FOX🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (9/20)NCIS on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (9/20)

Murdoch Mysteries on CBC🇨🇦 (9/13)
NCIS: Hawai’i on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (9/20)


FBI on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (9/21)FBI: International on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (9/21)

La Brea on NBC🇺🇸 / CTV🇨🇦 shifted to 10pm (9/28)

Riverdale on The CW🇺🇸 (11/16)
FBI: Most Wanted on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 shifted to 7pm (9/28)


Batwoman on CW🇺🇸 (10/13)

Diggstown on CBC🇨🇦 (10/6)
CSI: Vegas on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (10/6)

Chicago P.D. on NBC🇺🇸 / CityTV🇨🇦 (9/22)
Note: Chicago P.D. follows Chicago Med and Chicago Fire on the same channel starting at 8pm.


The Blacklist on NBC🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (10/21)

Hudson & Rex on CityTV🇨🇦 (10/21)

Walker on The CW🇺🇸 (10/28)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC🇺🇸 / CityTV🇨🇦 (9/23)Law & Order: Organized Crime on NBC🇺🇸 / CityTV🇨🇦 (9/23)

Big Sky on ABC🇺🇸 / CTV🇨🇦 (9/30)

Bull on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (10/7)


S.W.A.T. on CBS🇺🇸 / Global🇨🇦 (10/1)Magnum P.I. on CBS🇺🇸 / CTV🇨🇦 (10/1)

Nancy Drew on The CW🇺🇸 (10/8)

Family Law on Global🇨🇦 (9/17)
Blue Bloods on CBS🇺🇸 / CTV🇨🇦 (10/1)


There are no new scripted crime shows that air on Saturday, but fans of true crime can watch Dateline Saturday Mystery at 9pm on NBC, or watch reruns of crime/mystery shows on CBS from 8pm until 10pm during their “Crime Time Saturday” block.

Which shows are you most looking forward to this fall? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Believe it or not I think CSI Las Vegas looks like the most promising. I’m excited that they’re bringing back Grissom.

    Did you know they were going to do another Law & Order spin-off called For The Defense? But they pulled the plug without any real explanation. Honestly I was excited about a new Law & Order. Organized Crime is pretty disappointing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hadn’t heard of L&O For the Defense. Looking it up now, it seems they cancelled their plans quite recently though.

      I actually haven’t watched “Organized Crime” yet. I’m more of a traditional mystery fan, so I’m interested in personal stories rather than criminal organizations. But I plan to give it a shot when the new season premieres next week.


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