Bosch (TV Series)

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I tend to watch mostly older shows, but lately I’ve been wanting to watch something more recent. Bosch is a series that has been produced by Amazon Prime Video since 2014, and it is based on the books by Michael Connelly. I’ve been aware of Bosch for a while because I had heard of Michael Connelly’s books, and also because it kept popping up in my suggested videos list on Prime Video. However, I have never actually read any of the books, or watched the series until a couple of weeks ago.

I will first preface this post by saying that this show had me hooked from the beginning. I don’t normally binge watch shows, but I will say that for the last couple of weeks this was a show I would turn to daily when I needed to take a break during my work-from-home routine. It also has one of the most mesmerizing intro sequences I’ve ever seen. I have now watched through the entirety of the first season (which is made up of a total of 10 episodes) and will probably take a little break before starting the next one — just because I feel like I need a bit of time to digest it (like I would do after finishing a good book).

The show follows an LAPD homicide detective named Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch, played by Titus Welliver. He starts out in his late 40s, divorced, and has a teen-aged daughter who lives with her mother in Las Vegas. Since the main character is a police officer, the genre skews towards a police procedural, although it still maintains a major focus on the protagonist rather than the police force as a whole.

Unlike most detective shows I watch, this is unusual in that each episode does not focus on a separate mystery or crime. Rather, this is a long-form series in which the entire season follows a single investigation. My research into the show tells me that each season of the series takes its plot inspiration from one or two or three of the original books by Michael Connelly. However, because I haven’t read any of the books, I cannot personally confirm this or comment on how faithful these adaptations are. Obviously, because in many cases they’re blending the stories from multiple books, there are some discrepancies.

In the first season, Bosch takes on the case of finding out what happened to a boy whose skeleton was found buried near a canyon. Not long after, a man on trial for a separate murder comes forward to confess to the boy’s killing. Bosch is not convinced that this man is telling the truth, and in the remainder of the season it is up to Bosch to figure out whether the two are in any way connected and what actually motivated this man’s confession.

The sixth season of Bosch premiered just last month and the show has been renewed for a seventh and final season. I’m looking forward to watching more of this show, and I can’t recommend it enough to any mystery fan.

Click here to watch Bosch on Amazon Prime Video.

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