Murder, She Watched – looking ahead

This past month continued to be busy for me. Although I defended my thesis last month, the work didn’t stop there since there were still revisions to do and feedback to incorporate before I could officially file my thesis with my graduate school. But as of today, that’s all done.

Now that I no longer have an all-consuming project hanging over my head, I’m looking forward to being able to devote more thinking time to this blog again. Having stepped back from it a bit over the last few months has also given me the time to reflect on the direction I want this blog to go in.

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’d already know that my focus has shifted significantly towards Murder, She Wrote and TV shows (as opposed to books). I still love books, but I do think this blog/website would benefit from more focus.

I will keep doing/catch up on Murder, She Wrote episode summaries on Thursdays. Whereas on Mondays, I’ll write posts every other week, as I have been doing for the past while. But rather than posting general updates on what I’ve been doing (as I did for the “My Month in Mystery” posts), I’ll aim for more thematic topics.

If you still want to know what I’m reading/watching, the best place to do that would be to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. But, as for this blog, I’m more excited to devote my energies to researching article-like posts and presenting interesting trivia.

I hope, with your encouragement, to keep building this site into something that Murder, She Wrote and detective TV fans enjoy visiting, as well as something I can be truly proud of!

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