Murder in Red by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land

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EDIT August 26th 2021: The following first appeared as part of my “Reading Log” series of posts, in which I gave a brief recap of my thoughts about the books I read each month. I have since changed the focus of this website to be on TV shows in particular, so while I deleted all my old “Reading Log” posts so that they would not clutter up the website, I decided to separate out and maintain those sections of the posts that pertained to books related to mystery TV shows. The following is one such brief review of a book related to a TV series.

One book that I started reading in March but finished only recently is the latest Murder, She Wrote novel. Murder in Red comes out May 28th (2019) and the author, Jon Land, has kindly sent me an advanced digital copy of it.

The story takes place in Cabot Cove and revolves around a new healthcare center that opened up just outside of town. Jessica’s friends, who were recent patients at the centre, have died and Jessica has become suspicious about the treatments they received.

Fans of the series are understandably apprehensive about this novel. The previous and well-loved author of the series, Donald Bain, had passed away a few years ago and Jon Land took over the series. The first two books that Jon Land was involved with didn’t sit too well with the fans, but I believe that the issues with those books can be simply put down to growing pains. (Even Donald Bain’s first foray into the series didn’t do too well and needed to be revised for a second edition.) I can assure everyone that Jon Land has finally done his homework for this one.

Murder in Red weaves in characters from the series (even more minor ones such as Jean O’Neill who appeared in four episodes of the show as the town librarian), and gives a nod and a wink to long-standing jokes about the series (such as Cabot Cove’s dwindling population). I highly recommend it for Murder, She Wrote fans.

Excerpt from Murder in Red illustrating a nod to Cabot Cove murder rate, and the inclusion of recurring characters from the show such as Ethan Cragg.

Click here to purchase or read more about Murder in Red on Amazon.

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