My Month in Mystery – April 2019

Since it’s coming to the end of April, I’m once again posting what I hope to be a regular monthly roundup of mystery-related things I’ve been up to. In no particular order, my April mystery-related activities were:

Miami Vice

I purchased a DVD boxed set of Miami Vice this month and have been getting in the habit of watching an episode while I eat breakfast in the morning (unless I’m in a big hurry).

I’ve been tweeting some of my observations in the following thread:


I participated in my very first #ColumboTV livetweet. Not only that, I was the host! Check out for an overview of what #ColumboTV is all about.

In general, I’ve been getting more and more into livetweeting. In addition to the monthly #MurderSheDrank, I partnered together with #ABCmysteries to tweet along to some Murder, She Wrote episodes featuring the actors who played The Hardy Boys in the 70s. Plus, #Catitstu had an Angela Lansbury month, and I particularly liked rewatching The Mirror Crack’d.

Murder, She Wrote best and worst

I had begun using social media to engage with Murder, She Wrote fans regarding their favourite or least favourite episodes. I’ve run some polls on Facebook and Twitter on the topic of Season 4 Cabot Cove episodes, so keep your eyes peeled for a post that summarizes the results!

TeePublic store

My affiliate status with Amazon had been cancelled a little while ago because they have very strict requirements about minimum number of sales. Since I’d still like to be able for the website to make enough to cover the cost of expanding it and getting a domain name for it, I signed up to be an affiliate on TeePublic.

TeePublic is a much better option for me since it has more to offer fans of detective shows. Check out my storefront where I began curating some designs inspired by detective shows created by independent artists. All designs are available on T-shits, mugs, tote bags, stickers, art prints, you name it!

While April started off well and I had been good at posting at the beginning of the month, it quickly got busy by the end as I was trying to finish up work (thesis revisions; exam grading).

With that said, I’m looking forward to May and being able to devote more time to blogging again.

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