My Month in Mystery – March 2019

I had been thinking a lot lately about the direction that I want to take this website and this blog in. I started it with only the vaguest idea that I wanted to document facts and trivia for my favourite mystery series. But lately it seemed like I lost sight of that and that the site was losing focus.

So when I sat down earlier to put together another post chronicling upcoming mystery book releases, I realized that I no longer knew why I was doing it. So instead, I wanted to change my usual routine and leave the topic of my posts on the last Monday of each month a bit open ended. (If you’re still interested in lists of new mystery book releases, the website Stop You’re Killing Me! does a pretty good job of compiling them, and so does specifically for cozies.)

Not having to do a specific post for the last Monday of the month should give me an opportunity to devote time to expanding the parts of my site that matter to me. I’ve already mentioned expanding the Stephanie Plum section of my site in my post from last week, and I had also been spending time expanding the Murder, She Wrote section of my site this past month by creating the following:

Overall, while I still plan on posting reviews of mystery books I read (on the first Monday of every month), and writing recaps and trivia for Stephanie Plum novels (on the third Monday of every month), I’ve learned that I’m probably much more of an expert (or at least want to become an expert) in mystery TV and movies. And so I want the remainder of my posts to focus on that.

Aside from that, I thought that on the last Monday of every month I would post a bit of a round-up of mystery things I did — not just on my website but in real life and on social media — without necessarily worrying that I have a cohesive or well-developed post/article.

For example, I thought I’d mention here that I have made a page outlining the various mystery-related hashtags I enjoy participating in on Twitter and websites that I enjoy visiting.

And that, additionally, I’ve been Tweeting about shows I’ve been watching in general. In particular, I’ve started a thread following along with my first time watching Diagnosis Murder, and am now finished watching the entire first season.

I’m going to leave the current monthly recap at that and end by mentioning something that will be coming up soon on the website. A while ago I heard about a blogathon happening at the end of March, and I had thrown around the idea of using that as an opportunity to expand the Murder She Wrote corner of my website — specifically with respect to making a hub page for the recurring actors. So be on the lookout for that at the end of the week!

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