New Mystery Book Releases March 2019

This post is part of my monthly series documenting new book releases in the mystery genre.  Click here for more posts on this topic.

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March brings with it a whole lot of re-releases, so sifting through them all to compile the list of never-before-published books below was a bit of a challenge. There are quite a few intriguing books being published, but I wanted to in particular highlight the great number of books that also happen to debut a new series.

Cookin’ the Books by Amy Patricia Meade introduces Tish Tarragon, a caterer who gets involved in a murder investigation while working at a fundrasing dinner for a local library. Also in a book-themed setting is Essie Lang’s Trouble on the Books, a cozy featuring a new bookstore owner. And the professional P.I. in S. A. Lelchuk’s thriller Save Me from Dangerous Men is also a bookstore owner.

Also among the new detectives being introduced this month is genealogist Lucy Lancaster, a.k.a. the Ancestry Detective, in S. C. Perkins Murder Once Removed; and Police Dective P.T. Marsh in John McMahon’s The Good Detective, whose tagline reads “How can you solve a crime if you’ve killed the prime suspect?”.

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