New Mystery Fiction Releases December 2018

It’s amazing how many books get released every month.  As you can see below, even just the number of new releases in the mystery/thriller genre is staggering.  However, I’m not sure if December is simply an anomaly because of how many authors want to publish in time for Christmas — notice just how many new releases there are prior to one week before Christmas (December 18th) compared to the rest of the month.

In the past when I’ve done these posts, I’ve also commented on which books in particular I’m looking forward to the most.  This month, there aren’t really any because I haven’t really read anything by any of these authors.  The only exception to this is Ian Hamilton — I did read the first Ava Lee novel but didn’t like a few aspects of its narration so it’s not a series I’m particularly keen on reading more of.

The one mystery-related release I’m looking forward to in December is not a book but a movie: Holmes and Watson, a comedy/spoof starring Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly. It’s being released on December 25th.

Still, one thing I’ve learned in compiling the list of new book releases is that there are many more authors, and many more series, for me to discover.

Disclosure: The following contains Amazon affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

December 1st releases:

December 4th releases:

December 6th releases:

  • Deceived by Anne Randall (Wheeler and Ross #4)

December 8th releases:

December 11th releases:

December 13th releases:

December 15th releases:

December 18th releases:

December 19th releases:

December 21st releases:

December 26th releases:

December 31st releases:


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