Stephanie Plum’s Apartment

Stephanie Plum’s apartment is central to series. This page is a place for me to log facts we learn throughout the series about the apartment, the building, and its residents.

This page is a work-in-progress, and will be updated as I continue re-reading the series. It was last updated on August 5th 2019, at which point I was on Book 5.

Stephanie’s apartment

Stephanie lives on the second floor of a three-story building. Her apartment faces the parking lot behind the building.

I have one bedroom, one bath, a small kitchen, and a living room that combines with the dining area. My bathroom looks like it came off the set from The Partridge Family, and due to temporarily strained finances my furniture could be described as eclectic–which is a snooty way of saying nothing matches.

Two for the Dough

“One bedroom, one bath, living room-dining room, uninspired but adequate kitchen, small foyer with a strip of pegs for hanging coats and hats and gun belts.”

Four to Score

Her kitchen is to the left of the door. (four to score)

Her apartment is two apartments over from the end. (four to score)

Stephanie’s neighbours

One for the money

  • We also get mention of a lot of Stephanie’s neighbours’ names: Mrs Becker (3rd floor), Mrs Delgado (upstairs), Mrs Moyer, Mrs Orbach, Mr Grossman, Mrs Feinsmith, Mr Wolesky, and Mr Earling.

Two for the dough

  • building’s superintendent: Dillon Ruddick
  • neighbours mentioned: Mrs. Delgado upstairs, Mr Wolesky across the hall, Mrs Ciak next door, Mrs Bestler who roams the halls, plus Mrs Karwatt and Mickey and Francine Boyd

Three to get deadly

  • building’s superintendent: Dillon Ruddick
  • neighbours mentioned: Mrs. Karwatt, Mrs. Bestler, the DeKune apartment, Mr. Paglionne, Mr. Walesky across the hall, Mr. Kleinschmidt, Mrs. Delgado. — come to her rescue when she’s attacked in her apartment.

Four to score

  • building’s superintendent: Dillon Ruddick
  • neighbours mentioned: Mr Landowsky, Mr Kleinschmidt (apt.315), Lorraine Klausner (1st floor), Mr Markowitz, Mrs Williams, Mrs Balog, Evelyn Krutchka (3rd floor), Ernie Wall and his girlfriend, May, Spanish speaking young woman, Mrs Delgado, Mr Winstein, Mrs Karwatt, Leanne Kokoska, Mrs Zuppa, Mrs Burlew, Mrs Baumgarten, Mrs Bestler, Mrs Stinkowski (lives below Stephanie).

High five

  • neighbours mentioned: Mrs Bestler (3rd floor, 83 years old), Mrs Karwatt, Mr Wolesky, Mr Morganthal (92 years old, lives on the 3rd floor next to Mrs Delgato), Mr Sanders (1st floor), and Mrs Keene (1st floor).
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