A recurring motif in the novels is that Stephanie simply can’t keep her cars from dying horrible deaths. This page is a place for me to log the cars she drives throughout the series, and what happens to them.

This page is a work-in-progress, and will be updated as I continue re-reading the series. It was last updated on June 17th 2019, at which point I was on Book 5.

One for the Money

The book starts with Stephanie driving a Mazda Miata which almost immediately gets reposessed by Lenny Gruber for failure of payment.  She then buys a Chevy Nova (with total body rust and countless accidents) at Blue Ribbon Used Cars — it was priced at $500 but she was able to trade it in for her TV and VCR.  The car has a constant oil leak, and gets spray painted by vandals, so it’s not a great thing to drive.

Eventually, she ends up “commandeering” Morelli’s red and gold Jeep Cherokee.  At one point, she gets into a minor car accident causing some scratches to the right rear fender, but that’s nothing compared to what happens the next morning.  The car ends up getting blown up after a car bomb, meant for Stephanie, goes off when Morty Beyers tries to commandeer it himself.  After bumming a ride from her dad and borrowing her FTA neighbour’s car, she’s back to driving the Nova for a couple of days.

Two for the Dough

The book starts with Stephanie driving a Jeep Wrangler that she bought off the delivery guy for Pino’s Pizzeria (who makes a very brief appearance in One for the Money).

Eventually, the Jeep gets stolen and it is at this point that we get introduced to Big Blue, which Grandma Mazur inherited from Uncle Sandor after he “had gone into a nursing home last month, at the age of eighty-four”.

“It was a 1953 powder blue Buick with shiny white top, whitewall tires big enough to fit a backhoe, and gleaming chrome portholes. It was the same size and shape as a beluga whale and probably got six miles to the gallon on a good day.”

None of the cars Stephanie owns get wrecked in this book (unlike in future books), but Stephanie is the cause of major car problems that befall Morelli.

Three to Get Deadly

The book starts with Stephanie driving Big Blue, after the Jeep she was driving in the previous book got stolen.

Eventually, Stephanie buys a blue ’84 Nissan pickup which keeps stalling and having to be taken in for repairs. Towards the end of the book, on the day it seems like the car finally got properly fixed, it gets blown up by a rocket launcher.

Four to Score

The book starts with Stephanie driving a Honda CRX convertible. It gets doused in gasoline and set on fire by a flicked cigarette butt. Lula’s Firebird also gets torched at the same time. After that, Stephanie is back to either driving Big Blue or getting rides from other people.

At this point, people begin to joke about how Stephanie “knocked off three cars and burned down a funeral home” and that she’s “death on cars”.

High Five

The book starts with Stephanie driving Big Blue, although the particular nickname for it doesn’t get mentioned. Once she starts doing jobs for Ranger, she gets a midnight black Porsche boxter from him as a “company car”. The Porsche gets blown up, which in turn causes an explosion of a neighbouring garbage truck, which topples over it and flattens it like a pancake. After this, newspapers nickname her the “Bombshell Bounty Hunter”.

The next car she gets from ranger is a black BMW, which almost immediately gets stolen while she’s trying to apprehend an FTA.