Stephanie Plum’s family, particularly Grandma Mazur, play a central role in the series by Janet Evanovich. This page is a place for me to log facts we learn throughout the series about the family members and their home.

This page is a work-in-progress, and will be updated as I continue re-reading the series. It was last updated on June 17th 2019, at which point I was on Book 5.

Family members

  • Mom (named “Helen” in One for the Money, but “Ellen” in High Five)
  • Dad (named “Frank” in Two for the Dough)
  • Grandma Mazur (listed as being 72 years old in Two for the Dough)
  • sister Valerie
    • frequently mentioned but infrequently appears
    • mentioned as having two kids in Two for the Dough
    • by Look Alive Twenty-Five she has four kids: Angie, Mary Alice, 2 year old Lisa and baby Bert
    • she marries Albert Kloughn later in the series
  • One for the Money mentions a cousin Francie
  • High Five mentions uncle Fred, and we meet his wife Mabel (who is grandma Mazur’s first cousin), and his two sons Ronald and Walter

The family home

“My parents live in a narrow duplex on a narrow lot on a narrow street in a residential part of Trenton called the burg.”

Four to Score

In Three to Get Deadly and Four to Score, it is mentioned that they live on High Street. But that changes in High Five, where they’re cited as living on Roosevelt Street.

My parents live a couple blocks behind St. Francis on Roosevelt Street. Their house is a duplex built at a time when families needed only one bathroom and dishes were washed by hand.

High Five

Grandpa Mazur

Janet Evanovich always has a humorous way of introducing the reason why Grandma Mazur now lives with Stephanie’s parents:

“Two years ago, when Grandpa Mazur’s fat-clogged arteries sent him to the big pork roast in the sky, Grandma Mazur had moved in with my parents and had never moved out.”

One for the Money

“Grandma Mazur was standing in the hall. She lived with my parents now that Grandpa Mazur was scarfing down his normal two-eggs-and-a-half-pound-of-bacon breakfast in the hereafter.”

Two for the Dough

Grandma Mazur moved in with my parents shortly after my grandfather went heavenward to dine with Elvis.

Four to Score

Grandma Mazur came to live with my parents several years ago when my grandpa Mazur went to the big poker game in the sky.

High Five

“She moved in when Grandpa moved into Hotel Heaven, and she never moved out.”

Turbo Twenty-Three

“My Grandma Mazur moved in with my parents when my grandfather checked in to Hotel Heaven. My father is of the opinion that this left him in hell on earth.”

Hardcore Twenty-Four

There is no quote about Grandpa Mazur in Three to Get Deadly or Look Alive Twenty-Five.