Joe Morelli is Stephanie Plum’s main love interest throughout the series by Janet Evanovich. Below is my log of various facts about his character.

This page is a work-in-progress, and will be updated as I continue re-reading the series. It was last updated on August 5th 2019, at which point I was on Book 5.

In One for the Money, there are a few details about his appearance that I don’t think get mentioned much in subsequent books:  he has a scar “paper thin, sliced through his right eyebrow”, his eyes are “like black fire one minute and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate the next”, and he has an eagle tattooed on his chest.  We also hear a bit more about Joe’s family: we meet his mom, find out his dad has passed away, and we see his cousin Mooch and find out Mooch is married to Shirley Gallo.

In One for the Money, he drives a red and gold Jeep Cherokee. In Two for the Dough and Three to Get Deadly, he drives a black Toyota 4×4. In Four to Score, we also see him riding a red Ducati 916 Superbike. High Five mentions Morelli’s Ducati motorcycle and four-wheel drive Toyota pickup.

In Two for the Dough, we learn that he’s cousins with Kenny Mancuso.

In Three to Get Deadly, we learn he has moved out of his apartment and is now living in a row house on Slater Street that he inherited from his Aunt Rose (who had been married to his uncle Sallie who died ten years ago). The book also mentions a sister named Mary.

In High Five, we get a glimpse into Joe’s family since at one point Stephanie accompanies him to a wedding for his cousin Julie. We meet his Grandma Bella again, his aunt Loretta, his uncle Dominic and aunt Rosa, and his cousin Louis.

Descriptions of Morelli:

His face was all hard planes. The sort of face that started off handsome and gained character as it aged. A paper-thin scar sliced through his left eyebrow. Mute testimony to a life lived outside the normal range of caution. He was thirty-two. Two years older than me. He was single. And he was a good cop. The jury was still out on its assessment of him as a human being.

Two for the Dough

Morelli was a cop now. Plainclothes. A misnomer for Morelli, because he’s lean-hipped and hard-muscled, and there’s nothing plain about the way he fits a pair of Levi’s. He’s two years older than me, five inches taller, has a paper-thin scar slicing through his right eyebrow and an eagle tattooed onto his chest. The eagle is left over from a hitch in the navy. The scar is more recent.

Three to Get Deadly

He was wearing washed-out Levi’s and a navy T-shirt. His hair needed cutting, and his body was perfect. Lean and hard-muscled with the best ass in Trenton … maybe the world. Buns you wanted to sink your teeth into.

Four to Score

Descriptions of Morelli’s house:

At the beginning of the series, Morelli lives in a bachelor pad. Eventually, he inherits a house…

I took a fast peek inside Morelli’s house, seeing a wood floor in the small foyer and an old-fashioned wood banister on stairs leading up to the second floor. […] I followed him down the hall to the kitchen, catching a glimpse of the living room, dining room. The rooms were small, but the ceilings were high with elaborate crown molding. Boxes sat in all the rooms, waiting to be unpacked.

Three to Get Deadly

I remembered Morelli’s living room furniture from his apartment. Utilitarian. Comfort without style. It seemed off in the row house. […] Rooms were shotgunned. Living room, dining room, kitchen. Because Morelli lived in the middle of the block, there were no windows in the dining room. Not that it mattered. I couldn’t see Morelli using the dining room.

Four to Score