Murder, She Wrote Season 4

Click on the button below for a recap of recurring motifs in Season 4, or click on an episode title below for a trivia summary for each episode.

  1. A Fashionable Way to Die
  2. When Thieves Fall out
  3. Witness for the Defense
  4. Old Habits Die Hard
  5. The Way to Dusty Death
  6. It Runs in the Family
  7. If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Beverly
  8. Steal Me a Story
  9. Trouble in Eden
  10. Indian Giver
  11. Doom With a View
  12. Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher’s Chowder?
  13. Harbinger of Death
  14. Curse of the Daanav
  15. Mourning Among the Wisterias
  16. Murder Through the Looking Glass
  17. A Very Good Year for Murder
  18. Benedict Arnold Slipped Here
  19. Just Another Fish Story
  20. Showdown in Saskatchewan
  21. Deadpan
  22. The Body Politic

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