British detective shows, new in 2021

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As part of my mission to compile a TV Detective Database listing all mystery/detective/crime shows ever made, I have already compiled lists spanning the decades from the 1950s until the 2010s. A couple months ago, I also completed a round-up of all the new shows that premiered in 2020; and a few weeks ago I completed a round-up of American shows that premiered in 2021. I have finally caught up to the present day by having now compiled the following list of detective TV series and mini-series produced in the United Kingdom that premiered in the year 2021. 

As usual, I use the term “detective show” rather loosely and include anything that can be classified as a mystery/thriller/crime drama. However, I exclude true crime documentaries and reality shows, as I want to focus on scripted stories. Where relevant, I’ve noted whether the series is based on a book, whether it can be classified as a particular related subgenre (e.g. horror or sci-fi/fantasy); and which network or streaming service distributes the series.

I hope that you find the list helpful — both in highlighting shows that are coming out later this year that you can look forward to, and in helping you discover something that came out earlier in the year that you haven’t yet seen. For that reason, I have organized the list according to the month in which each show premiered.


  • The Serpent (premiered January 1st) *Based on a true story [Watch on BBC1 or stream on Netflix]
  • The Pembrokeshire Murders (premiered January 11th) [Watch on ITV or stream on BritBox]




  • Intruder (premiered April 5th) [Watch on Channel 5 or stream on BritBox]
  • The Nevers (premiered April 11th) (UK-US co-production) *Fantasy/Sci-Fi [Released on HBO max; stream on Amazon]
  • Too Close (premiered April 12th) [Watch on ITV or stream on AMC+]
  • Viewpoint (premiered April 26th) [Watch on ITV]





  • Deceit (premiered August 13th) *Based on a true story. [Watch on Channel 4]
  • Annika (premiered August 17th) [Watch on UKTV Alibi]
  • Vigil (premiered August 29th) [Watch on BBC1]
  • Stephen (premiered August 30th) *Based on a true story [Watch on ITV]


  • Wolfe (premiered on September 10th) [Watch on SKY]


As always, there have been additional TV series announced for 2021, but as of the time of this posting a specific premiere date had not been confirmed, and so I was not able to include them in the list above. I will keep any eye out for any future announcements regarding the Fall 2021 season and will update this post accordingly, so do check back later for updates. And as always, if you know of any shows that are missing from my list above, please let me know in the comments!


    1. That’s the one that caught my eye when compiling this list, too. The only one I’ve had a chance to see is Murder They Hope because I loved the previous movies. The first episode of that was weird but episodes 2 and 3 were fun.


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